This how-to is a response to our customers questions about how to unzip Invictus Audio Essential Set products on  Apple Mac OS.

For our customers convenience, our downloadable products are zipped and are broken into several parts to insure convenient download experience. The reason we had to use the spanned zip archives, is to make the downloadable file size smaller to provide easier and faster downloads.

However, it appears that Mac OS built in zip archive file handling does not support zip archives spanned across multiple files.

To overcome this, please follow this quick tutorial with step by step process. This tutorial covers unzipping just one Invictus Audio Essential Set as an example, if you have purchased several sets, please repeat this procedure for each one separately.

  1. Click here to download a third party free archive software tool for Max OS called iZip
  2. Install the software by double-clicking on the izip.dmg file just as you would install any other Mac OS application
  3. Place all the downloaded files for a particular Essential Set in a separate folder. In this example the folder is located on a Desktop
  4. Run the iZip Utility
  5. Drag just the .zip file (in this case it is to the iZip window, you will see the content of the archive appear in the new iZip window as illustrated below
  6. Now drag the folder, in this case “MetalPack-EssentialSet1” from the archive window to the destination of you choice, in this case we just drag it to the Desktop
  7. This is it. Also, you can see that iZip mounts a spanned archive as a regular volume in Mac OX. See the last screenshot top right corner.