The penultimate episode, “The Calm Before,” was applauded by critics. In the episode, several characters are killed; with the main characters Enid and Tara Chambler. Alex McLevy wrote for The A.V. Club praised the episode, with a qualification of A and in his review, he said: “At best, “The Calm Before” could be a monument to what this show was as it headed for a new future, a reminder of what it looked like its strongest seasons before reforming the undeleted chessboard of its main actors and changing the nature of its structure.” Warning signals have shown that this is possible, and the Whispers are an ideal slide to engage in ambitious new ways of dealing with these characters and communities as they enter a new era of existence. It is true that this show did not show the kind of consistency that would indicate such a maneuver; Continuing his uneven blend of soap opera melodrama and fascinating experiences in post-apocalyptic thrills is likely progress. But when we conclude the book of the ninth season and the tenth (!) Watching the year of the show was a great memory of what led us all to agree. [78] “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” concerns two sisters, the devoted Iris (Aliyah Royale) and the rebel Hope (Alexa Mansour), who exist in a world where the public has launched a kind of relaxation with the threat of zombies. A decade after the apocalypse, a colony in Nebraska lives a kind of overflowing, anxious life, with the undead being kept outside with great effort. The possibility of an alliance with another colony in Portland brings to the city a powerful and imposing military leader (Julia Ormond) who distrusts Hope. Part of the tension between the girls and leadership is the fact that their father (Joe Holt) was traded to Portland to cement the alliance, with a kind of mercenary logic that, like this show often, suggests that our future will look a lot like our feudal past. Felix is aware that Bennett is sending secret messages to the girls, which, he says, violates “four provisions of the agreement from all over the world.” In one message, Bennett says he`s taking a “risk,” and in another: “Things are going well. We`re making progress. The series, set 10 years after the zombie apocalypse in Nebraska, features four juvenile protagonists and focuses on “the first generation that comes back into the apocalypse as we know it. Some become heroes.

Some become bad guys. In the end, they will all be changed forever. Raised and cemented in its identity, both good and bad. [2] [3] [4] “Our Father shares his knowledge so that there is healing,” says Iris in the latest World Beyond trailer published by Skybound. When Dr. Bennett sends an emergency message to his daughters, security chief Felix (Nico Tortorella), according to security chief Felix (Nico Tortorella), violates the agreement of the four corners, the four friends going for the first time to the outside world despite their lives and deaths. It`s not a perfect series: the recordings of the undead often look cheap and the rules on how these monsters are bypassed have never felt more flexible. And yet, there is the will to reinvent itself, to really explore a corner of the universe that has not been touched so far, which makes this series serious in its intention and worth a visit for fans of the preliminary series. His desire to put two young women at the center of attention and put their emotional reaction in the story of the apocalypse in the face of the family upheaval shows a curiosity that deserves to be appreciated. In The Walking Dead, the Republic is so far easily the best equipped community. They have a fleet of helicopters and their soldiers are armed with black tank uniforms and custom weapons. After firing shots, the CRM developed a technique to use soundproofing to redirect zombies and prevent the formation of potential herds.