A separation agreement gives you the opportunity to solve problems, slowly and over time, without the pressure of a divorce action over your head. Once a divorce action has been initiated and included in the court calendar, you and your spouse must attend court conferences and meet certain deadlines. This pressure will be avoided if you sign a separation agreement. In most cases, a properly prepared separation agreement will prejudge a party`s attempt to have a problem resolved in the agreement that was then resolved in the agreement (lawyers call it an Estoppel); unless it has changed a lot, which could attract the attention of the court, a change, especially with regard to children or assistance. Italian law provides for a period of separation before separation on the ice (one year for disputed separations, six months for amicable separations) before a full and final divorce decree can be adopted. [16] If the parties have had legal advice, the lawyer who has given advice, as a rule, will also sign a certificate certifying that: the party has received advice on how the agreement affects its legal interests; The party understood the terms of the agreement; and the party was not obliged to conclude the agreement. This is usually referred to as an independent legal advice certificate. Although the reasons for applying for separation are different, there are a few that are worth mentioning. Some religions prohibit divorce to married couples; a separation of bodies grants most of the benefits of a divorce without undermining religious principles.

Even those who are unsure of their marital future can opt for a separation without dissolution, in the hope of reconciliation. Couples with minor children often cite that separation is more ideal for their children than divorce. Although the parents act as a separate unit, the family can remain united, with stability and order largely preserved. Other reasons for choosing this plan are the maintenance of health and pension benefits. A separation agreement is a contract that records a resolution of the problems that arise when a married or unmarried relationship ends. Unlike marriages and unions that are entered into at the beginning of a relationship, separation agreements are entered into when the relationship is over.