At the summer town hall meeting, Mulgrew said they were negotiating housing for those who care for/live vulnerable family members. The complaint may have expedited the process to reach this agreement. Complaints that were filed last week were not brought to the DOE by UFT. They were delayed for this new BS agreement, which is now responsible for the DOE`s inability to comply with the agreement with the chapter`s leaders. Chapter Leaders are now expected to create a specific SBO to enable MOA violations and increase the workload of their employees. Otherwise, dieUFT can intervene to negotiate for you. Instead of resolving our complaints in two business days, nothing was done. The CL was informed last night (9/25). Uft still on their crap CLs, endangering the staff of our schools and intentionally any resolution for their health/safety – corporate complaints spent the 29th and October back of the students. You failed in this town. Laughing out loud. Chalkbeat New York@ChalkbeatNY “I`m ready to quit,” a school principal said of the agreement between the city and the teachers` union Friday night.

(There is no way to target those who have unsubscribed. Remember that the city is a short teacher and not all new employees are UFT members until they have completed all their papers – usually the first week or two of work.) But I think there`s something painful to come. Mulgrew can accept a two-week teacher furlough if schools close again for two weeks or even a month to save the city from financial disaster. Cuomo must really consider leaving deBlasio before doing even more damage. Excuse me, I`ll make my decision in June. That`s enough. I am really happy for my colleagues, who may now be able to work remotely and help make their families safer, but I am also angry because the recent FTU agreement marginalizes all those who are single and healthy. It is as if the UFT has accepted that some of us deserve to be safer than others because we do not have certain types of relationships. If the building is not safe enough to be fully occupied (medical accommodations aside, then they are not safe enough for everyone, including children.

Am I the only one who thinks so? The UFT again failed a significant portion of its constituents. What do others experience? Unknown 7:10, my friend has in person classes either 1 or 2 days a week, depending on where we are in the cycle. My manager originally told her that she could work from home, that she had to terminate it, and that she would allow it again from October 5, when the agreement came into force. I recommend asking. The SBO language is the biggest deal of this agreement. Who has really heard of a union negotiating the addition of language to create a contract modification process on a subject as central as class size? Increasing the size of the class is not the answer.