In particular, without prejudice to the universality of the above, you acknowledge and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for: (i) the accuracy, quality and legality of the customer`s data and the means by which you acquired personal data; (ii) compliance with all transparency and legality requirements required by existing data protection legislation for the collection and use of personal data, including obtaining the necessary consents and authorizations (including for customer use for marketing purposes); (iii) ensure that you have the right to transmit or access personal data for processing purposes, in accordance with the terms of the agreement (including this data protection authority); (iv) ensure that your instructions regarding the handling of personal data comply with applicable legislation, including data protection legislation; and (v) compliance with all laws (including data protection legislation) applicable to emails or other content created, sent or managed through subscription services, including those relating to obtaining (if necessary) for sending emails, the content of emails and their e-mail delivery practices. You will inform us immediately if they are unable to meet their obligations under this subsection (a) or existing data protection legislation. 3. Data protection provisions for the sub-treatment of the contract covered in paragraph 1 are governed by the law of the Member State in which the data extract is drawn up. (d) that, after reviewing the requirements of the applicable data protection law, security measures are likely to protect personal data from accidental or accidental destruction, tampering, disclosure or unauthorized access, particularly where processing involves the transfer of data via a network, and from all other forms of illicit processing , and that these measures ensure a level of security adapted to the risks associated with the processing and the nature of the data for the processing and nature of the data, are protected taking into account the state of the art and the costs of its implementation; 2. The prior written contract between the data importer and the subcontractor also provides for a third-party beneficiary clause, in accordance with Clause 3, in cases where the person concerned is unable to obtain the remedy covered in paragraph 1, paragraph 6, paragraph 6, because it has disappeared or no longer become insolvent, and no undertaking that would succeed the legal obligations of the data exporter or data importer by contract or legal form. This liability of one-third of the subprocessor is limited to its own processing operations in accordance with the clauses. This guide serves as an introduction to data processing agreements – what they are, why they are important, who they are and what they need to say.